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  • AMBIANCE : live landscapes, emotions, stories through my works.
  • RARITY : prefer them classic or eccentric, the photos I print are in extremely limited editions.
  • PÉRPETUITY : enjoy timeless scenes on my museum-quality prints.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE : forget about artworks that are too big or too small, choose your dimensions or opt for a collection.

Corporate presents

  • PERSONALIZATION : strengthen your ties with your recipient by choosing photographs representing your shared values.
  • EXPERIENCE : take advantage of my experience as a recipient of awards of excellence. My prestigious artistic presents have been designed for both the donor and the recipient.
  • ELEGANCE : impress your laureate with these collectible products that he can expand when desired.
  • ECO-RESPONSIBILITY : be proud to offer a luxury gift made locally with materials from our part of the world.


  • SIMULATION : visualize your choice of photographs, on your wall, to the dimensions you want.
  • CONFERENCE : live my passion through my speech. Whether for photography or for another subject at a corporate meal, discover why I was invited to make more than 300 presentations in about thirty countries.
  • EDUCATION : benefit from my 35 years of teaching experience at all levels. Appreciate a quality education recognized by the Award of Excellence in Teaching and the prestigious title of Professor Emeritus of Laval University.

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