« Freedom is the power to choose. »

« There are so many fascinating subjects in life that I have always said that at 55, I would change for a new career without knowing what field I would choose, even though I loved what I was doing… Well, I did… and I went from one passion to another passion. »

Yvan Bédard, PhD

Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Emeritus Professor in Geomatics Engineering (Geospatial Data/Mapping), Université Laval

International scientific speaker and author

Recipient of several scientific and photographic awards

A man of science, nature and art, but above all, a man of passion

« I photograph to feel and make people feel. »


Yvan Bedard was born in a village surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests, and fields. Like most Quebecois, his connection to the land comes from several generations belonging to the same region. Bedard has been practicing landscape photography since he was a teenager. In 2003, he moved to digital photography and perfected his skills with leading photographers and artists from Canada, the United-States, and the United Kingdom. Since 2009, he has been making his own fine art prints.

Bedard has been represented by art galleries in Canada since 2014, with numerous solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions in Athens, Barcelona, London, Melbourne, and New-York to name but a few. His photographs have been published regularly in many art and photography books and magazines, both in Canada and internationally. His work is part of public and private collections in several countries and has been licensed for many uses.

Following a career as an Emeritus university professor in cartographic database engineering and a scientific author and speaker, Yvan is now spreading his photographic passion through teaching courses, workshops, leading conferences, and participating in juries. Like his scientific career, his photographic career has been recognized with international awards such as the Minimalist Photography Awards, the Fine Art Photography Awards, and the European Photography Awards among others. Bedard, also a volunteer for environment, has been interviewed by various media in Canada, France, Japan, Russia, and the USA.

« Nature is what best allows us to feel our own essence. »

Artist Statement

Nature stimulates my soul and my eye for observation, and this is what I express through photography by focusing on the sublimities that often go unnoticed. Through my visual poetry, I want to raise human awareness of the benefits of nature and offer a respite in this era of eco anxiety.

My vision emanates from my existential concept of the world and an approach in describing geographical phenomena for computer databases. I see the world in various levels of perception, from details to generalizations, from concreteness to abstraction, from clarity to ambiguity. I see temporality in everything I observe. Accordingly, I photograph intimate landscapes as much as grand vistas, and obvious as well as mysterious scenes. Trees and rock inspire me particularly, because I see them as symbols of one lifetime and of eternity.

My photographs are eminently subjective because aesthetics, emotion and imagination take precedence over documentary reproduction. I highlight what I perceive or imagine, without metamorphosing nature. This influences each of my steps, from composition in the field to the transformation of pixels into pigments on a fine art medium in my studio.

« I witness, I create, and I print my traces of existence »

You can get to know me more by reading the post“25 quotes to discover my nature as a photographer” from my blog, or by watching the following TV show (in French) Un visage, une passion (episodes12 and 13 ).

Art Galleries

You can see some of my works at Gisèle Boulianne gallery (Old Port, Québec City).

The following galleries have also exhibited or sold my photographs :

Fotonostrum, Barcelone, Spain

Clampart Gallery, New-York City, USA

Bargehouse Gallery, Londres Southbank, Royaume-Uni

Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA

PH21 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

The Holy Hart Gallery, exhibited in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam

Galerie Le Bourget, Montreal, Canada

PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hongrie

State Art Gallery, Hyderabac, India

Foley Gallery, New-York City, USA

Laurent Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Galerie Québec Art, Quebec City, Canada

PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, États-Unis

Galerie d’art Chez-Alfred-Pellan, Quebec City, Canada

Galerie d’art Michel Bois, Lotbiniere, Canada

La Petite Galerie, Neuville, Canada

Like many international artists, I adhere to the principles of the Artists Bill of Rights both for the publication of digital works online and for artistic competitions.

Over 60 international honours

for Landscape, Nature, Fine Art, Minimalist, and Black & White photographs.

(Honorable Mentions, Silver, Bronze, Gold or Platine or Winner medals).

in prestigious annual competitions involving several thousands submissions such as

International Fine Art Photography Awards
International Minimalist Photography Awards
One Eyeland World Top 10 Photography Awards
European Photography Awards
Epson International Panoramic Photography Awards
London Photography Awards
Paris Prix de la photographie PX3
New-York Photography Awards
360° Photography Awards
ReFocus Photography Awards
Monovision Photography Awards

Prix international en arts visuels
EPA Platinum Award
London Photo Awards
Gold Fine Art Photography Award
360 Photo Award
Inner Respite Gold Nature-Seasons Professional Badge.pdf 250px
logo book compressee 250ppx
New-York Photo Silver Award
badge-bronze-compressee 250ppx
EPA Gold Award
Minimalist Photo Awards
award badge 2020
Visual Art Award
Bronze Panoramic Photo Award
Art Tour International Magazine Collectors Choice Award

Environmental Awareness

Since I work full-time in landscape photography, I have reduced my carbon footprint by 90% in airplanes and by 30% in cars.

In the field, I adhere to the ethical practices recommended by the North American Nature Photography Association(NANPA) and the rules of conduct of the Provancher Society. Like the members of the Nature Photographers Network, I also adhere to the principles of the Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography (Nature First).

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